1914 Founded "Tsukishima Denki Works" (former name of "Tetsudo Kiki Co., Ltd.") in Tsukishima, Tokyo.
Designed by Ministry of Railway as a manufacturer of turnout, mechanical signal equipment and tablet block signal.
1943 Merged with "Turnout Division of Sunamachi Factory of Yokoyama Kogyo K.K." and changed the company's name to "Tetsudo Kiki Co., Ltd.".
1945 Moved "Sunamachi Factory" to Toyama Prefecture and built "Toyama Factory". By increasing capital repeatedly, expanded and modernized facilities of the factory.
1966 Built Machine Shop (present No.1 Machine Shop).
1969 Built Assembling Shop (present No.2 Machine Shop) and rebuilt Forging Shop.
1977 Performed a test laying of a Movable set-off Mechanism at Kurikara Station on the Hokuriku Main Line.
1980 Built new Assembling Shop.
1991 Acquired about 6,000 m2 adjoining land for the purpose of expansion of factory.
1993 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the company.
Built Heat Treatment Shop.
Built Ware House for Rails and new glued Insulated Joint Shop.
1995 Received a letter of appreciation from West Japan Railway Company for "support and cooperation for restoration work after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake".
1999 Awarded ISO 9001 certification for our quality control management system.
Started Providing Advanced Welded Crossing
2000 Started operation of 13m Processing Machine
2005 Received a letter of appreciation from East Japan Railway Company for "contribution to restoration work after the Chuetsu earthquake disaster".
2010 Awarded Eco-Action 21 (2008) certification for an environmental management system.
2011 Exhibited at the 2nd Railway Technology Exhibition (First Exhibit)
Received an award from the Chief of the Nihonbashi Tax Office as an "excellent tax return corporation".
Received a letter of appreciation from East Japan Railway Company for "support and cooperation for restoration work after the Great East Japan Earthquake".
2012 Started operation of 19m Processing Machine .
2013 Exhibited at the 3rd Railway Technology Exhibition.
2014 Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the company's founding.
Built new office building in Toyama Factory
Received an award of "Tokaido Shinkansen 50th Anniversary" from Central Japan Railway Company
2015 Exhibited at the 4th Railway Technology Exhibition.
2017 Exhibited at the 5th Railway Technology Exhibition.
Received the Excellence Award of "Tokyo Metropolitan SME Skills Human Resource Development Award" from the Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2018 Received a letter of appreciation from Nankai Electric Railway for "cooperation for restoration of the Koya line"
2019 Shipped first turnout to Myanma Railways.
Exhibited at the 6th Railway Technology Exhibition.
2021 Move to new office (Nihonbashi Hongoku-cho)
Exhibited "7th mass-trans Innovation Japan 2021"

Founder, Yozo Yoshida

At Adachi Factory, in June 1943

Started operation of Machining Center

Built office building in Toyama Factory

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